E’ritage Grand Opening in Spring 2018


We are excited to announce that E’ ritage resort is going to open in Spring 2018! Beautifully nestled on 300 acres in the rolling fields of wheat and vineyards of Washington wine country, Eritage is only minutes from downtown Walla Walla and its regional airport. Each suite opens to a patio or deck with expansive views of the Blue Mountains, rolling farmland and a pristine man-made lake. This intimate property is tucked within the vineyards and is designed to provide guests with an unparalleled Washington wine country experience with exceptional lodging and cuisine, as well as exclusive access to unique events and services.


Opening in Spring 2018, Eritage will include 10 luxury suites and a restaurant menu created by James Beard award-winning chef Jason Wilson featuring locally grown in...

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360° Aerial Photos of the E’ritage!

Check the 360°  aerial photos of the E’ritage through the link below:




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Construction is almost completed!

The site construction is progressing nicely, we have poured concrete and some of the balconies are taking shape. We are getting into the finish phase!

Buidling2                               Building1 Building3                               Building4

4                               6

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E’ritage Vineyard Progress Photos 06/21/2017

Overshot                              Suckering

The workers have been working on spraying the grapes this week in order to keep the vines from falling susceptible to diseases. In the right picture, the workers are cutting many of the shoots off from the base of the vines. Performing this task keeps the nutrients moving up the vines to aid in a quality fruit being produced, as there is no competition for the vital nutrients.

Syra Clusters                                                  Cab Franc

The variety grown in the left picture is called Syrah.  This variety is coming out of the blooming phase and coming into fruit formation. In the right picture, the fruit (grapes) cluster that is starting to form on the Cab Franc vines...

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E‘ritage Construction Progress Photos 4/27/2017

E’ritage is in progress! The site and building are nearing insulation phase.

25236            25237

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E‘ritage Construction Progress Photos 2/20/2017

Check the E’ritage contruction progress photos! The construction of the reservoir that will also serve as a beautiful lake view for the guest cottages is already 100% completed, the construction of the main building is 60% completed.


1237067445            1329117898            1841449118            607421501            775144944            888962557

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Wines & Vines Magazine published the successful story of “E’ritage Vineyards”

The <Wines & Vines> Magazine published the story of our “E’ritage Vineyards” project on Dec 7, 2016, which is a big success for the whole EB-5 industry ! Wines & Vines magazine is established in 1919, it well-balanced to serve the entire wine and grape industry. The magazine’s distinction is in its industry leading Boutique winery coverage, unique focus on many thriving North American wine regions, expert monthly columns and approachable reporting on winemaking and grapegrowing techniques and trends.  Read more about this artcle at: http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=177547

Washington Vineyards Attract Immigrant Investment

EB-5 visa program allows wealthy foreigners to seek permanent residency while providing cheap financing

image 162

Walla Walla, Wash...

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There comes the wind…machine!

Over the past three weeks Eritage have installed 11 wind machines with propane tanks and temperature sensors through out the vineyard.  One wind machine is located on the North side of Bergevin Springs and the remanding 10 are scattered throughout the south side.

All the vineyard blocks have 24 hours of water building up soil moisture for winter...

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Creating a masterpiece-Getting ready for Summer!

Summer has come to E’ritage!

With Walla Walla daytime temperatures reaching 109 degrees F,  watering the vines has been our main focus as the small plants have a very shallow root structure at this point in their lives.

Equipment-wise, an order has been placed for 11 wind machines, and they will be installed by Oct 1st. Please see below for a sample photo of the wind machine.


It has also been planned th...

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Creating a Masterpiece-Vine Planting Finished

With the past two seasons’ hard work, all vines have been planted at E’ritage. New equipment has been purchased to increase work efficiency. 120 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah & Malbec has been planted. Vines planted last year already started to look beautiful. E’ritage is looking forward to the joy of harvest.


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