Discover E’ritage


Éritage is an exclusive, 500-acre enclave within the Walla Walla Valley appellation of Washington State, certain to be one of the world’s top wine growing destinations. These rolling hillside estates have journeyed through time, from their original creation by the Almighty to the bunch grass plains of the Native American Indian to the dry wheat pastures of the dedicated farmer.  Eritage’s fertile hills are packed full of the terrior that has earned the Walla Walla Valley a place among the leading wine regions of the world. Now for the first time these rolling hills will be transformed into world-class vineyards, private residences, guest cottages overlooking a majestic lake, and a modern winery with a tasting room to try all of our estate varietals  As its namesake implies, the “heritage” of this area and its new found vision are the ultimate expression of time, place and culture. 

Washington ranks second in the US in wine production and exports it’s wine to over 40 countries around the world. The states location above the 46 parallel north allows Washington’s major wine growing regions to experience 17 hours of sunlight in the summer. The 46th parallel bisects the cities Burgundy and Bordeaux in France. Burgundy and Bordeaux are known for producing the finest and most valuable wine in the world. The  Eastern Washington experiences a wide temperature variation (up to 40F difference between daytime highs and night time lows) which allows the fruits to fully ripen while the cool night help the grapes maintain natural levels of acidity. In addition the rich soil deposits are the result of millions of years of glacier movements, along with annual rain fall of 8 inches helps prevent erosion. The irrigation is accomplished by a newly drilled well owned and operated for and by E’ritage. All these factors make Walla Walla valley one of the best regions to produce exquisitely delicious wine. 


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