E’ritage Vineyard Progress Photos 06/21/2017

Overshot                              Suckering

The workers have been working on spraying the grapes this week in order to keep the vines from falling susceptible to diseases. In the right picture, the workers are cutting many of the shoots off from the base of the vines. Performing this task keeps the nutrients moving up the vines to aid in a quality fruit being produced, as there is no competition for the vital nutrients.


Syra Clusters                                                  Cab Franc

The variety grown in the left picture is called Syrah.  This variety is coming out of the blooming phase and coming into fruit formation. In the right picture, the fruit (grapes) cluster that is starting to form on the Cab Franc vines.  It is one of the earlier bearing varieties that we have here on the vineyard, and is also one of the more popular varieties for wineries.