The beauty of the Éritage landscape lies in its panoramic views of the Walla Walla Valley, the Blue Mountains, the Palouse Hills and the undulating land. The history of the Walla Walla valley is long and hard like a Polish last name. There are multiple hilltops, ridges and valleys within Éritage and we have walked each of the 500 acres to give the land an opportunity to lead us to a master plan. From the northern most site located on Dry Creek to the southern most site more than two miles away, each has dramatic views and unparalleled terroir. Lined with native grasses and small stands of trees, roads and lanes follow valley contours to enhance discovery, create a sense of place and reduce their visual impact. Main entries are marked and celebrated with bridges that span over large linked ponds and a two mile loop trail winds through a 40 acre farm on the valley floor, creating common open space for all residents.The farm’s herb and vegetable gardens, lavender fields and orchards enrich the valley and provide Éritage residents with fresh produce in season. The barns are designed to have their long dimensions and roof overhangs facing south to maximize shading potential during the summer and allow sun to penetrate deep into buildings during the cold winter months. Produce cold storage rooms are cooled using 50 degree irrigation water that passes through the ceilings prior to watering the gardens. From the layout of the garden plots to the vineyard and produce barns – everything is purposefully placed and offers a historical reference.Vineyards are planned to fully express the terroir of each acre. Vine rows are oriented according to slope and aspect to maximize the potential for each grape varietal. Steeper slopes are terraced and lowland areas not suited for viticulture are planted in native grasses. Vineyard blocks are carefully integrated with home sites so that the quality of the grapes harvested and one’s experience living in the vineyard are synergistically enhanced and enriched. This glove-like fit marries the two design elements with the land and creates a uniqueness that is Éritage. Home and building sites are located along the sides of the hills rather than on their crests to respect the unique land forms that have evolved over the centuries. Although each estate is uniquely different, design principles utilizing natural materials and elegant, sophisticated detailing will be a common thread that ties the homes of Éritage to the land and to each other. Sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land will be at the forefront of the design process and in the development of each home and building. This deliberate planning preserves the scale of the landscape, the quality, privacy and respect for each residence and assures expansive, unobstructed views well beyond each 40 acre estate.

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