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Éritage is an exclusive, 500-acre enclave within the Walla Walla Valley appellation of Washington State, certain to be one of the world’s top wine growing destinations. These rolling hillside estates have journeyed through time, from their original creation by the Almighty to the bunch grass plains of the Native American Indian to the dry wheat pastures of the dedicated farmer.  Eritage’s fertile hills are packed full of the terrior that has earned the Walla Walla Valley a place among the leading wine regions of the world...

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Eritage Vinyard Phase One Planning


Land Acquisition (in process)

Purchase 360 acres of land below market price. Among which 275 acres are designated for viticulture.

Land Development (in process)

Include cropland farming, irrigation system setting and vine frames building.

Grape Planting, Row Crop Planting and Harvest

Plant seeds and harvest once per year.

Winery Construction

Build wineries adjacent to the farming area. Bring in wine making equipment to start producing wines.

Process, Package and Sales

After installation of  wine making equipment the wine will be processed, packed, and sold.

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