There comes the wind…machine!

Over the past three weeks Eritage have installed 11 wind machines with propane tanks and temperature sensors through out the vineyard.  One wind machine is located on the North side of Bergevin Springs and the remanding 10 are scattered throughout the south side.

All the vineyard blocks have 24 hours of water building up soil moisture for winter. Nutrients have also been injected in specific vineyard blocks, which is more cost effective approach vs giving nutrients to the entire vineyard. The vines are very happy and healthy.

Additionally, all the boarders around the vineyard and the open areas along the main roads have been seeded. More will be planted to the vineyard rows if things run smoothly .

Eritage will have 30 acres of grapes to sell next year and we have already outreached to 6 wineries who will be purchasing grapes! Eritage is expecting a fruitful year ahead!