Creating a Masterpiece – Construction Begins at E’ritage


Construction has begun at E’ritage Walla Walla. The land development phase of E’ritage is off to a great start. Walla Walla construction. The well for irrigation of 180 acres of vines and row crops has been drilled. The drill struck water at higher elevation than predicted reducing the cost of drilling. The next steps are landscaping of the farmland and building a reservoir that will also serve as a majestic lake for the guest cottages to overlook. Grading the land for the road that will bring visitors and residents into E’ritage  is in process. The next step is creation of the vine frames to support the the grapes that will be used for the first growth release of the E’ritage branded wine. Then construction of the winery and cottages. The construction phase is expected to last until mid 2015. Click here for an artists rendition of the finished E’ritage.

The building of E’ritage has already created construction jobs in Walla Walla, boosting the local economy. The project will ultimately create over 340 direct and indirect jobs in Walla Walla county.  Subscribe to our RSS feed and come back to our website for the latest news and updates for E’ritage.

E’ritage’s permanent address is 1281 Bergevin Springs Rd Walla Walla, WA 99362. Click here to view the property on Google maps

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